Southern Area Council 7th August 2019


O2 Arena, London – 31st July 2019. Promoter Eddie Hearn.


Jamie Speight. The Council decided Mr Speight could continue without restrictions.

Kristaps Zuglis. The Council decided Mr Zuglis could continue without restrictions.

Ibrar Riyaz. The Council decided Mr Riyaz could continue without restrictions.

Bryn Wain. The Council decided to call Mr Wain to appear before them with his Manager.

Joe Beeden. The Council decided Mr Beeden could continue without restrictions.

Richard Samuels. The Council decided Mr Samuels could continue without restrictions.

Edward Bjorklund. The Council decided Mr Bjorklund could continue without restrictions.

Chris Adaway. The Council decided Mr Adaway could continue without restrictions.

Liam Richards. The Council decided Mr Richards could continue without restrictions.

Ossie Jervier. The Council decided Mr Jervier could continue without restrictions.

Richard Harrison. The Council decided Mr Harrison could continue under his current restrictions.

Scott Hillman. The Council decided Mr Hillman could continue without restrictions.

Victor Edagha. The Council decided Mr Edagha could continue without restrictions.

Gianni Antoh. The Council decided Mr Antoh could continue without restrictions.

Andrew Harris. The Council decided Mr Harris could continue under his restrictions.

Paul Cummings. Appeared with Manager Mark Kent. The Council decide Mr Cummings is ok to continue without restrictions.


Carl Turney. Mr Turney’s licence to remain suspended at this time.


Steven White. Mr White is retiring from professional boxing.

Foreign Boxer Ilgvars Krauklis. Found him breach of Regulation 25. Fined.

Ryan Garner. Mr Garner appeared with Manager Wayne Batten and Trainer/Second Frank Hopkins. Licence suspended.

Trainer/Second Frank Hopkins. To be called before Council.

Manager Wayne Batten. To be called before Council.

Lee Eaton. Rescheduled to next month.


4th September 2019.